The definition of beauty has now changed. With the success of Harlem Fashion Week and Darker Fashion Week, the phrase of stick-fair-thin now got altered into ‘Black is Beautiful’. Eminent personalities like Halle Berry, Beyoncé, Oprah Winfrey, Rosario Dawson, Veronica Webb, Tyra Banks and many others’ vogue and mania is African Fashion. It gives you a dazzling look but within your own comfort. African dresses are very easy to wear and the material used, is very comfortable. To match the trend, you do not need to think about your skin colour or your body size. The contemporary African Fashion has been successful in redefining the fashion stigma for not only the rich and well-shaped but for the one and all in general.

Woman Capes and Wraps:

Capes are very much associated with conservative traditional dresses of the Victorian age. It was mainly used by Mennonite women. But African designers have given capes a new attire, maintaining the ethnic touch of it. The monochromatic look has been refined with bright colours and modern cuts and patterns. You can very promptly use African designed capes as a corporate office wear or to a friend’s warm-up party. You may club the cape with different colourful wraps. African designers worked hard to give ‘capes and wraps’ an enlightening look which is a big demand for the coeval trend.

Woman Blazers:

We all know that ‘change is constant’, so you too should give up on your boring blazers. In this season of colours, light up your mood and soul with bold colourful African style blazers. Your daily monotonous work schedule would get interesting with a change of your attire. Trust me, a little attention in the chaos and a distinct bright reflection in the mirror would surely bring in a lot of change in your daily life. To add to your knowledge, the new African designers possess a global vision of textiles, colours, and patterns of dress. Most importantly they are working very hard to cater to the needs of their clients coming from various geographical regions. Moreover, just a bold, haute, colourful and uniquely patterned blazer would even help you to put up a simpler look though adding some dazzling charm to your attire. Let the competitive mundane corporatism look at you with coruscating eyes. African Fashion is basically not only setting up a new trend or kaleidoscope of bright colours and unique patterns but also keeping you in mind while giving a shape to its creativity.


African designers are producing a desirable, well-made, well-finished, and well-marketed collection that reflects a nexus all over the world. African Fashion has not only confined itself to dresses but their jewellery is a style statement to many significant faces in the world. Ranging from earrings to nose pins, from bracelets to bangles, from cuffs to clutches from belts to bags based on the neo-ethnic look, you can avail one and all stepping into an African Fashion store. You may also book your choice of dresses and accessories online. There are various famous brands working on African style and among them, IZELIA is one such well known and well-accepted hub for buying items based on the African Diaspora.

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