It must be known to everyone that change is constant especially when we are talking about fashion. You get bored with your daily wears and plan to add at least few new dresses and accessories to your collection to keep yourself moving with the trend. It must have pricked you too to club your dress with the same pattern of jewelleries and footwear. Girl, it is time to change your thoughts too. Try to give yourself a new look, a new attire, a new style and let others give you a glaring green eye. Give yourself a makeover by matching your dress with bright coloured headbands. It is easy to wear, comfortable to carry and most importantly without adding any jewellery or bright pancake you would look subtle and spruce with your attire.

New in Trend but Old in Vogue:

Well, the concept of headband is coeval but its use can be traced down from the laurels wreaths in ancient Greece. Earlier, headbands were exclusively worn by high – ranking women. In fact, these were symbols of their status and mostly the headbands then were crafted in gold with various precious and semi-precious stones. Over the ages, headbands have taken many shapes and forms from the laurels of Greece to the feathered headbands of the thumping twenties to the sporty sweatbands that became an athletic symbol staple in the bright year of seventies and it is again back with roaring colour and striking patterns. You now must be indeed too enchanted to present yourself one of such a piece. Clubbing a headband with rest of your attire might earn you loads of compliments which you have never thought of, and you are also carrying on forward the league of history that the headband holds.

Vivacious Variations:

The hustle and bustle of your daily work schedule does not allow you to spend much time for yourself. Your personal peace is on debt upon work. But you must not worry and bother yourself at least when you want to look unique in the monochromic crowd. The world of fashion is now in your palm and just with a few clicks you can sport yourself with alluring and attractive dresses and accessories of your own desire. In fact, various subtle and bright coloured headbands are also available online. Ranging from polka dot headbands to vintage look to hippie happening ones, all are available with new designs and patterns. The enlightening African fashion has also introduced many traditional to contemporary styled and coloured headbands for you. African designers have styled the headbands keeping the weather condition and environment in mind. They have used fine textiles for people residing in tropical and hot regions. Whereas, they have also crafted bright coloured headbands using fine wool to cater to the clients based in cold regions. One of such highly appreciating African group of designers’ works have introduced to you by IZELIA, the hub of unique African fashion and hut of exclusive craftsmen.