About Us

About Us

IZELIA, founded in 2015, showcases Sierra Leone’s rich culture, craftsmanship, and heritage, specializing in Gara/Tie Dye fabrics. After successful commercialization at London Spitalfields Market in January 2016, we have now established a factory that does not only provide employment opportunities but also empowers hundreds of families by fostering economic growth within local communities.

Our Academy empowers women and youth, providing training and opportunities for a better future. Through our H.O.P.E Initiative, we aim to inspire a new generation of women, emphasizing that with dedication and positivity, their dreams are within reach


IZELIA’s overarching brand values apply equally to each part of our business – commercial and charitable. 
Every decision we make as a company is guided by these values: from who we do business with, to who we recruit, to how we market and promote our products.


We are passionate about Africa – about providing a platform for the creativity of contemporary Africa, an alternative vision of a continent often characterised solely in terms of conflict and poverty.

We are passionate about fashion – we understand the power of colour and a beautifully tailored outfit to change your mood, to make you feel good.

We are passionate about our customers – about offering them the best service, the best experience, the best training.


IZELIA is a brand like no other in fashion, lifestyle, retail or training.

Everything we offer in our retail outlets is unique, produced with care in small batches by people with a real passion for their products.

We aim to create a unique retail experience – focussed on our customers and on creating an inspiring showcase for African creativity.

Our training is unique – every garment produced by our students uses beautiful African fabrics and we aim to provide our students with the theoretical and practical skills they will need to find employment.

" Izelia rekindled my passion for authentic, creative, and stylish fashion, reminiscent of my mother's traditional gara country cloth"

“IZELIA is more than a fashion brand, it is more than a lifestyle brand, IZELIA is an inclusive showcase for the creativity of contemporary Africa.”


All people, all customers, all students are welcome at IZELIA but our particular focus is to create and offer opportunities to people of African descent, the African diaspora and small businesses across Africa

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